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(a) Above and in-ground spas and in-ground pools will be allowed with Modification Committee approval. They must be a minimum of five feet (5') from side and eight feet (8') from rear plot line.

(b) All applications for the construction of a swimming pool/spa must include a plot plan showing the proposed location of the pool/spa in relation to the property lines, building lines, existing structures and existing fences.

(c) No pool or spa of any type may encroach into any easement unless the easement holders involved have granted their written consent of such encroachment. Pool/Spa decking which extends into any easement also requires an appropriate consent agreement. Consents must be received prior to approval and included in the application.

(d) Pools and spas must be completely enclosed by a perimeter fence. Compliance with state and/or other local governmental jurisdictions as it relates to pool enclosure and safety requirements is the responsibility of each Owner.

(e) Construction must be completed on an expeditious basis and is considered to be reasonable within six (6) months of the start of construction.

(f)  During construction, the construction area must be maintained as a reasonable job site not imposing on any other Owner or on the common areas of the Charlton Park Homeowners Association.

(g)  Pool pumps and equipment must be screened, behind a fence, and not be visible from the fronting street.

(h) Information regarding the backwash of the pool must be communicated to the Architectural Control Committee to advise compliance with the requirement of the City of Houston.


(a)   The standard, type, quality and color of the materials used in the construction of a patio cover must be harmonious with the standard, type quality and color of the materials used in the construction of the main residence. The Architectural Control Committee ona case-by-case basis will review colors deviating from this.

(b)   Fiberglass and aluminum patio covers will be reviewed on a case~by~case basis by the Architectural Control Committee.

(c)   The structure must be positioned on the lot behind the primary dwelling, or if approved by the Architectural Control Committee with the concurrence of the impacted neighbor(s), it may be positioned on the side of the dwelling.

(d)   In the event the selected roof material is corrugated, clear fiberglass or roof material other than standard shingles, the unfinished edges of the roof material must be framed to create a finished border.


(a)   Birdhouses shall not be visible from the street in front of the lot nor be attached to any perimeter fence line.

(b)   Maximum dimensions for birdhouses shall be two feet (2) in width, two feet (2) in length and two feet (2) in height.

(c)   No birdhouse shall be mounted on a pole exceeding twelve feet (12) in height overall to the top of the birdhouse.

(d)   The materials) color and construction of the birdhouse must be harmonious with the home and other improvements on the lot. Only one birdhouse is permitted per lot.


(a)   Solar panels that are integral and a harmonious part of the architectural design are permitted with Modification Committee approval and the approval of the impacted neighbor(s).

(b)   No wind-powered, power-generating equipment is permitted.  

5. BASKETBALL GOALS (a)  One (1) portable basketball goal shall be permitted per residence. No basketball activity may be conducted on the streets of Charlton Park Homeowners Association. Portable goals shall be stored out of view when not in use.

(b)  No basketball goal may be attached to a dwelling or a permanently placed pole.

(c)  A net shall be maintained on the rim at air times. The net shall be replaced in the event that it becomes frayed or tom. Chain nets are not allowed.


(d) An orange, red, or black steel or metal rim shall be affixed to the backboard at all times. The rim shall be repaired or, if necessary, replaced in the event that it becomes broken or bent.

(e)  The backboard must be clear acrylic, fiberglass painted gray or white or earth-proofed wood stained white or gray, with the exception of an orange or black/blue/red square outline above the rim. The backboard shall be repainted, repaired or replaced in the event that the surface of the backboard becomes chipped or cracked or the backboard becomes warped or unaligned.


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