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This proposal suggests that Your Engineering Firm implements custom-written computer programs that will greatly assist and improve the presently still not-computerized project engineering functions.

The proposed software does not deal with the engineering design, as for that there are many off-shelf programs are available on the software market today. On the contrary, the proposed software deals with certain critical aspects of project management engineering for which there are no off-shelf computer programs available. Only very few engineering firms own and use such programs, and they cherish such programs as their greatest assets.

This type of software improves greatly the operation of the firm in general. It streamlines all external and internal project communication. It also computerizes the tracking of project related tasks and commitments with reference to all involved parties and individuals. This software is a great tool for all project managers and engineers, and it also simplifies the job of project secretaries.

In this proposal four (4) computer programs are recommended: INTERFACE, PAPERWORK, ENGRISK and BIDAWARD. The first two are the tools that can improve greatly all aspects of project communication between engineers, clients, vendors and contractors. The third program is particularly suited to deal with identification, compilation and assessment of project risks, making the project management staff aware how to avoid risks and how to deal with them in case of occurrence. The fourth program can become the very valuable tool for compiling, evaluating, and utilizing historical data related to engineering proposals, bids and awards. These programs, once ready, will become subject of full ownership and copyright by J. Ray McDermott.