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The custom-written computer programs that can improve and streamline project management tasks are great assets for any engineering firm.

Such programs as the proposed INTERFACE - by tracking individual tasks assigned to parties and individuals - can be seen as an insurance for timely completion of the overall project.
The PAPERWORK program - simplifying clerical job of project secretaries and helping in dealing with meeting minutes - can become extremely valuable in case of future, and always  possible project court litigations, when all correspondence data must be searched for facts.
The ENGRISK program - alerting and preparing the project management for possible risks - becomes the practical tool showing how to avoid risks in general, and how to deal with catastrophic situation in particular, then by saving many dollars and human lives as well.
Finally, the BIDAWARD program - compiling data of all project bid proposals of the firm - can be valuable not only because it provides statistics for the top management, but also because it can be used as the learning tool for the marketing personnel of the engineering firm.

The proposed programs are not ready, and they have to be written. However, considering the experience and ownership of the many needed program modules by the author, such programs can be easily and speedily written/assembled by the author alone, within the matter of weeks, rather than months or years. It must be noted that in the past the author developed similar programs. The majority of his programs had been provided with copyright protection by himself or by his clients. However, it is a well know fact that copyright law does not provide protection for ideas and concepts. Therefore any similar but better written, and slightly different in structure, computer programs - even that they may embody the same ideas and concepts are free from being accused as subjects of the copyright infringement.

Therefore through this proposal, the author offers to your Engineering Firm the development of similar but not the same, and always better computer programs than those written by him for other engineering firms in the past.