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ENGRISK - Project Risk Management System

ENGRISK is a computer program that assists engineers in identifying, analyzing and responding to project risks. The methodology used in this program reflects that recommended by the Project Management Institute in general, and in some aspects also that used within Ray McDermott organization.

The ENGRISK program will cover almost the whole scope of Project Risk Management except for the Monte Carlo Risk Events simulation analysis. This statistical analysis - involving multiple simulations (up to 32,000 samples with any number of scenarios for one project) - is handled by another computer program, called RISKCOST.

The RISKCOST program that is whole owned and copyrighted in 1997 by W. J. Jurkiewicz, P.E. will be interfaced directly to ENGRISK, allowing for automatic data transfers between the two programs, and it will become an integral part of the total application.

The Program Scope

The project risk management embodied in the program follows the recommendations of Project Management Institute, recognizing the following major risk evaluation steps:

Each Risk Element will be identified by the following attributes:

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