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Tracking and Reporting

The ENGRISK program allows for instant tracking and reporting about any Risk Element, data of which had been entered into the program. Because the program is a multi-user system, every authorized project member can instantly review on his/her computer screen information about any and all risk elements pertaining to the project, inclusive of reading the data related to the actions contemplated, pending and/or completed. If required, the program copy can be installed on the computers of the client too.

To generate reports, the following attribute combinations are available:

The financial evaluation of risk management may require simulations in order to determine the most probable risk cost that need to be covered by the project contingency. In this case, only the most critical and costly risk elements shall be transferred (automatically) and then analyzed with help of the other program, RISKCOST. This approach is used to establish the binding and final bid price that must consider all possible major risks of the project, e.g. as applicable to bid proposals. For details about the RISKCOST program see the attached program brochure of RISKCOST.


Because the ENGRISK program comprises the database of all possible project risks, inclusive of all related  actions that are contemplated, pending and/or completed, therefore:

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