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Engineering Interface System


"INTERFACE" is a computer program that assists project management in defining, tracking and reporting about all critical project activities, referring to the responsible parties, requesting parties as well as to individual persons.

The Program Scope

One project may require creation and tracking of any number of INTERFACES. One Interface may represent a specific project task that is triggered by request made by one or more parties (called REQUESTERS). However, the responsibility for the Interface must reside with only one PARTY (called RESPONSIBLE). Where is appears that one Interface requires responsibility of more than one party, then such Interface must be broken in a cascading fashion into several Interfaces, and so as to ensure that that only one Party remains responsible for each one Interface. One PERSON or more can belong to one Party, and each Person must be identified by the Company affiliation.

Every Interface has the following attributes:

Every Party has the following attributes:

Every Person has the following attributes:

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