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PAPERWORK - Project Correspondence Database


PAPERWORK is a computer program that assists project management in archiving, retrieving and reporting about project correspondence such as letters, faxes, memoranda and e-mails, referring to all involved project parties and individual persons, and using the project correspondence identification procedure of McDermott's organization.

PAPERWORK program deals with the total project correspondence, where each project has its own database. Every authorized user can instantly view the document index, as well as original documents (if they are also stored in magnetic form) on his/her computer terminal, utilizing this program.

The following types of documents are recognized, where each document may be identified either as Incoming, or Outgoing, or Internal:

Correspondence indexes, jointly with basic document information, are entered by secretaries into the program database. Originals (papers) are stored in filing cabinets and their location is an attribute of the program. Documents in electronic form (files, scanned documents, scanned pictures, etc.) are kept in the project directory on the server computer hard disk. Such electronic documents can be accessed and displayed on the computer screen, utilizing the PAPERWORK program directly, because the disk addresses of such documents are also the program data attributes.

Documents can be identified in accordance with the relevant document control procedure of McDermott, or in accordance with any specific project procedure, as needed. The document ID may comprise up to 50 characters, and each document ID must be unique.

Every Document, except for Meeting related, has the following attributes:

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