Computer Program RISKCOST

Copyright 1997 Wieslaw J. Jurkiewicz P.E.

Project Risk Cost Analysis by Monte Carlo Method

This computer program, called RISKCOST, is designed to handle analysis of project risk according to the statistical probability method known as the Monte Carlo Simulation. RISKCOST deals only with the analysis part of the project risks. For data entry purposes, the program is interfaced with another application, such as ENGRISK, that deals in detail with project risk evaluation and risk matters tracking. RISKCOST automatically extracts data from the ENGRISK program.

Program Sample Screens

Click here to see the program Main Menu screen
Click here to see the Project Simulation Execution screen
Click here to see the Risk Analysis Data Input screen
Click here to see the Project Risk Probability Curve screen
Click here to see the Mean Scenario Risk Curve
Click here to see the Risk Correlation Diagram of RISKCOST
Click here to see the Monte-Carlo Simulation Diagram of RISKCOST

Why to use RISKCOST?

You should use RISKCOST because:>

What kind of simulations are available?

Who will benefit from using RISKCOST?

Project risk managers, project managers, regulatory authorities, clients and any party or person who is interested to see the project risk expressed in the probability versus monetary form.

Where and when to use RISKCOST?

On any project that requires presentation of project risk in form or probability curves and related reports.

How to use RISKCOST?

It is a very user-friendly computer program, comprising 24 screens and generating 21 types of reports. See our demonstration and review the user manual, both the printed one as well as the on-line one.

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