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What many engineering firms do need

The special kind of software that utilizes database to handle thousands of data items, in the following areas:

This type of software is not available on the software market. Why? The answer is because this type of software requires implementation of company internal procedures, and these are usually different within each engineering firm. This is the reason why such software must be custom-written.

The software packages such as MS ACESS, FOXPRO or DBASE, facilitate writing such data-base oriented computer program. However, as a rule the logic of majority of engineering programs is complex. This aspect requires implementation of both the Visual Basic as well as the SQL query language, with what only very few engineers are familiar. Hence the task of writing such programs is usually delegated to custom software specialists.

There is no doubt that such database computer programs are needed by engineers. Any data comprising more than say 500 items becomes very cumbersome when can be handled when Excel alone. If there are several thousands of items what is typical for many engineering projects today errors are common when only Excel is used. In such situations the specialized database programs are necessary to ensure the required efficiency of project teams.

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